Secret Garden collection

Immerse yourself in our brand new collection that will serve as your magic portal to an amazing autumn fairy tale. Inspired by the unique colors of the fall, we combined the aura of a secret garden, the light fragrance of freshly riped apples and the view of a mysterious lake.

The new dresses are designed in black and white colors (and one especially in pink - the beautiful shade of those very ripe apples). Have no doubt - we truly present you the perfect choice for any occasion and any weather. From a rainy evening date in a cosy restaurant, or a warm coffee with a friend on a bright afternoon, to a family stroll through a rustling golden forest, this dress is just the best possible choice.

All you have to do is to match any of our dresses with rubber boots, socks and a nice coat. Regardless of the season, your appearance will definitely be the main attraction if you wear

Yvon 🤍