About us | YVON

Our Story

YVON is not just a premium brand of dresses made to the highest quality. YVON is every girl's fantasy. This is femininity, elegance and grace in every sense.

Luxurious natural fabrics that raise goosebumps at a single touch. Stylish floral prints that conjur a romantic mood. Wearing our dresses, every girl finds herself flirting with the world!

The Founders

The most audacious things all start with a dream.

With a more than 12 years of expertise in the fashion industry, Karina and Almira, two friends, dreamed of being more than just "appealing to the eye" while wearing exquisite clothing. They wished that every woman would have the opportunity to feel special and exceptional at every moment of their life.

The initial five YVON dresses were inspired by the romanticism of Paris and the gentle aromas of flowers in summer 2019.

Now the dream has evolved into a life dedicated mission to design the perfect dress for every girl out there.

Sustainability & craftsmanship

We are dedicated to making a positive environmental impact. All our fabrics is sustainably sourced: ecologically grown cotton, 100% linen, natural Italian silk and eco-poplin. We care about nature. That’s why we create dresses that are made to last.