Wild Field Collection

Presenting the new YVON collection, born from the untouched magic of a wild field veiled in morning mist. As autumn unfolds, winter approaches, painting the air with its crispness, covering field blossoms in glistening frost, and echoing with the presence of distant wild horses...

It’s not a fairy tale; it’s a captivating reality woven into our unique prints. Within this collection, you’ll encounter new icons and bold statement pieces. For the very first time, we’ve embraced cashmere and silvery silk, akin to frost, as well as created our first cozy scarf. All designed to keep you effortlessly chic, even on the iciest days.

All you have to do is to match any of our dresses with rubber boots, socks and a nice coat. Regardless of the season, your appearance will definitely be the main attraction if you wear